Once more


Xing presents the first release of the XONG series: the artist record ONCE MORE by Kinkaleri performance group and the photographer and artist Jacopo Benassi. The release is on white vinyl, in a limited and numbered edition, and it comes with a 24-page booklet with photos by Jacopo Benassi. The collector’s editions contain a b/w photograph by Benassi signed by the artists.


ONCE MORE is a performance developing two subjects in a continuous confrontation without brakes. It presents itself as a concert/display where body, sound, word and live photo are unpredictable elements of its composition. Light, dark and image are stratified as a rhythmic score within a circular vortex in which, what the body produces is subtracted in favor of a unique performative movement. The inscrutable eye of the camera, in its mechanical subjectivity, records the contours of what happens, redefining its perception. ONCE MORE is ecstasy and freedom. Its sound is a raw and true mix of punk, noise, hardcore and other elements of underground culture and, subliminally, a touch of ironic melancholy.

Xong is the name of the new collection produced by Xing, a vinyl-only record label of works by both Italian and international personalities linked to the variegated worlds of live performativity. The collection explores a geography of artists who present this sonic field as a platform to expand their staged worlds. “The space of the record” is given focus and amplifies their poetics as both a sonic and physical phenomenon. Xong is a unique project that draws out divergent understandings of the performative and live arts, beyond genre and intersecting between different practices. Xong collects a series of original creations that constitute an expanded program. Each physical record is a numbered edition on white vinyl hosting the solidification of the gesture. A wave upon wave, a series of “Music-Non-Music” to actualize both the artists and listeners imagination.

Xing is a cultural organization based in Bologna, Italy, operating with the purpose of planning, supporting and promoting products and events characterized by an interdisciplinary approach toward the issues of contemporary culture.


The records are distributed in the experimental music and art circuits. Main retailers for international sale: Soundohm (mail order) and Flash Art (collector’s editions).





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