Iacopo Benassi / IOSISSI

Artissima 2019 / Bunker – Torino


Rollers is a collaborative work where two different ways of investigating the human body intersect. Where the body crosses the space with beats, noise and lightning. Sissi designs the space of a club in a hypnotic dance illuminated only by Jacopo Benassi’s direct flashes. The wheels of her skates mark the rhythm of the action. Rollers is a beating heart, it is the mechanics of a “machine” that thunders its own noise, which seeks with a shot of dry light, an image far from the contemporary obsession for perfection. The audience, all aliens, involved in a metropolitan tribaldance, spectators of a modern hunting scene, where the hunter chases his provocative prey, which seeks it, and escapes it. And he freezes her, in an unpredictable pose stolen in the dark.